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On a Thursday...

Mr Attkins currently runs a football club for Key Stage two children from 3pm until 4pm.


 Thank you to Mr and Mrs Lake, Mrs Winstanley and Mrs Hilton for all their help with Gardening Club over the past few years. We really appreciate all the time and activities which were on offer. Photographs can be seen below.


Science Club

Week 1 - We were astronauts in training. Astronaut Tim Peake needs to be fit and healthy before blasting into space. We took part in activities to test our fitness. We did exercises to test our ability to float in space, to balance, to stretch and to breath. Next, we revised our knowledge of the planets in our solar system using a fun song. We finished with a game in the hall.

Week 2 - This week were worked on our team work skills. Astronauts must be able to work well as a team and listen to each other as well as communicate with people. In small teams we had to collect pieces of a jigsaw puzzle from 'outer space' wearing 'space gloves'. We then had to put the pieces together by listening to talking to our fellow scientists. 

Week 3 - We found out how important it is for astronauts to stay hydrated. We looked at a urine colour chart and discussed how urine can be different colours depending how hydrated you are. In small groups we then began to use test tubes, pipets, food colouring, water and measuring jugs to create different urine samples. We were each given a 12 hour hydration record chart to take home if we wish to complete it. It encourages us to consider how much we drink, how much exercise we do and then colour of our urine.