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Welcome to our Nursery and Reception page

We currently have 

10 Reception Children 

10 Nursery Children  

This term we will be reading stories by Oliver Jeffers

(Spring Term 1) 

January 2024

8th Jan - Week 1 Lost and Found 

15th Jan -Week 2 Up and Down 

22nd Jan - Week 3 How to Catch a Star 

29th Jan - Week 4 The Way Back Home 

Lost and Found 

The children enjoyed helping Mummy Penguin find all 10 of her babies around the playground. 

The children were very good at recognising all the numbers and also tried very hard making marks and symbols to represent numbers 1-10 on their work sheet. A few children formed some numbers correctly. When we went back to our classroom one of the children went straight to the mummy penguin and told her we had found all of her babies. We had lots of fun doing this activity.

Practising our cutting skills

Phase 1 Phonics 

Each morning our Nursery children take part in a phonics session to help with their listening and attention skills. Throughout the year we complete 7 different aspects including Environmental sounds, instrumental sounds, body percussion, rhythm and rhyme, Alliteration, voice sounds and oral blending and segmenting. lots of these activities are also repeated a number of times to help children fully understand. 

This term so far we have covered a number of activities focusing on environmental sounds. Below are some photos of the children enjoying a drawing activity. We talked about different sounds we hear everyday and what their favourite sounds are. The children came up some brilliant ideas. 

One little girl said she had drew a picture of herself and her mummy and daddy splashing in muddy puddles. making a splashing and sploshing sound. 

Another child said they had drew a picture of their friend listening to music. 

Another said they had drawn a drum and also a picture of themselves playing football with their friend. 

One child said they had drawn a maraca as they liked to play with the musical instruments. 

Another child said I did a picture of a windy, rainy storm. 

This term our topic in EYFS is 'In The Garden' 

(Summer term 1)

This term the children will be learning lots about Nature, planting and Growing, Minibeasts and different Life Cycles.

We will be focusing on lots of different stories including 

The hungry caterpillar

Super worm 

Bugs big trip 

Katie and the sunflowers 

The Enormous Turnip 

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jaspers Beanstalk

The growing story 


and many more including fact books. 

Jack and the Beanstalk

The children made their own castles and planted a Runner bean into the soil then waited to see what happened. 

Our beanstalks grew really big

We planted our runner beans in our school garden to give them more space to grow.

The children told a brilliant story based on Jack and the beanstalk they used their own words and different props, they remembered key parts of the story.

Counting beans

Finn made a beanstalk, he added more blocks to try and make it taller than him.

This term our topic in EYFS is Nursery Rhymes continued 

(Spring term 2)

The children have been enjoying our Nursery Rhyme topic and some children have asked for particular nursery rhymes, so this term we are continuing to focus each week on a new Nursery Rhyme. 

W/c 20/2/23 -  I'm a little teapot & Polly put the kettle on 

W/c 27/2/23 -  Hot Cross Buns 

W/c 6/3/23   -  Mary, Mary quite contrary (planting and growing seeds) 

W/c 13/3/23 -  Miss Polly had a Dolly 

W/c 20/3/23 -  Humpty Dumpty 

W/c 27/3/23 -  10 in the bed & Easter crafts and activities

The children will also learn and sing variety of nursery Rhymes each day. We will also be reading a variety of stories too. 



Dalton Bakery (Hot Cross Buns)

The children have been busy in our bakery role play today. This role play area created lots of discussion between them all. They talked about different prices of bakery items, answered and took phone orders, some children took charge and ordered the bakers to bake different bakery items on the tuff tray, they did some brilliant counting and matching amounts of cakes to the correct numeral and also some super mark making when writing out receipts. Most importantly they had lots of fun and it was great to observe how engaged they where during their imaginative play. 

I'm a little teapot sensory play

I'm a little teapot Collage 

The children explored a range of materials to create a collage on a cardboard teapot.

Tea party 

The children had a wonderful time experiencing their own little tea party. They tasted lots of different food and also made and tasted their own cup of tea. We had so much fun. 

Our little Tea Party

This term our topic in EYFS is Nursery Rhymes

(Spring term 1)

Each week we will focus on a different Nursery Rhyme. The children will be able to access lots of different activities focused on each rhyme.

W/c 2/1/23 -   week 1 -  Old Mac Donald 

W/c 9/1/23 -   Week 2 -  Incy Wincy Spider 

W/c 16/1/23 - Week 3 - 5 little speckled frogs 

W/c 23/1/23 - Week 4 - Wheels on the bus 

W/c 30/1/23 - Week 5 -  Twinkle Twinkle little star 

W/c 6/1/23 -   Week 6 -  5 little ducks 

Twinkle Twinkle Sensory play

Finger painting

The wheels on the bus

5 Little Speckled Frogs

Rosa and Lexi did such a super job at singing and acting out 5 little speckled frogs, they took turns removing a frog from the log each time and they recalled the song very well. I'm so proud of you both!

5 little speckled frogs


The children have been very busy Illustrating their own Old Mac Donald story. They used lots of skills to create them and they look fabulous! I am so proud of how well they followed instructions in these guided craft session. 

Illustrating the story Old Mac Donald had a farm

Exploring the farm

Autumn term 2 


We all loved our cheeky visitors!

This term our topic is

Terrific Tales!

The stories we will be focusing on each week will be...

Wc- 31st Oct 22 (Week one) -  Snow white and the seven dwarfs ( also Spooky crafts and bonfire/firework crafts this week) 

Wc 7th Nov 22- (Week two) - Little red Riding Hood 

Wc 14th Nov 22 (week three) - Three little pigs 

Wc 21st Nov 22 ( Week four) - The Gingerbread man and Gingerbread man 2.  

Wc 28th Nov 22 (Week five) - Goldilocks and the three bears. 

Wc 5th Dec 22 (Week six)  - Jack and the beanstalk 

Wc 12th Dec (Week seven) Christmas week. Activities and Stories


Reception children follow ELS (essential letters and sounds) phonics programme . They spend roughly 30 minutes every morning completing their phonics session. This includes their work booklet and reading a decodable online E-book or reading their paper back copy to an adult.  

The Reception children are so focused and engaged during our phonics sessions with Mrs Sherwood and Miss Singleton. 

The children's phonic knowledge is improving so quickly and we are so proud of them.

Keep practising at home too as the more you practise the better you get!


We are currently following number blocks, the children have been focusing on number recognition, number formation and counting in 1's. They have been completing work in our Maths floor book to reinforce 1 number per week. This week is number 10

They have been enjoying a penny counting game using a dice and real pennies. The excitement on their faces when they play this game is just brilliant! We are so proud of them!

The children enjoyed making a brilliant spider headband linking to 'number 8' week. The children showed amazing cutting and number skills by cutting out the correct amount of legs to attach to their spider. Some children chose to add 8 eyes too. 

Spooky Crafts

Iggety Ziggety Zaggety Zoom....

Our Pumpkin patch

Me and my family (Topic) September 2022

We have been learning lots of new things about ourselves and our families in our topic this term. The children have created boxes at home which has been lovely sharing them with their friends and teachers. 

Small World

Interest days 

After learning lots of new things about the boys and girls in class we have decided to have a day of interest each week. 

So far we have had a Minions, PiratesBuzz lightyear, and a  Micky mouse themed day. The children gain so much from interest Tuesday they  have so many learning opportunities whilst exploring things they love. Next week will be unicorns and fairy world themed day. 


The children have enjoyed creating their families using different natural materials and they also loved making food faces.